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Ascxnd (pronounced ascend) is a design + construction group providing assistance to those seeking aid with their vision. Ascxnd fortifies its place in the world with its strategic solutions which is naturally coupled with an energetic and meticulous team to achieve the client's vision. Ascxnd’s services consist of feasibility studies, conceptual 3D model designs, project schedules, cost estimates, construction management, and client representation. Ascxnd combines under-used resources with the practical tools of today's industry to merge a traditional practice with new innovative methods.

Historically, the construction industry has commonly followed a rigid and unethical path. Now, technology has begun to enhance efficiency and the world is becoming more aware of the social + environmental challenges that the design and construction industry plays a role in. Ascxnd uses the latest tech applications and progressively advances an interactive interface with the client providing a transparent construction experience with an uncompromising focus on quality and sustainability. We are diligent in ensuring that our vision and the client's vision merge as one. This creates an authentic team atmosphere.

Ascxnd provides a harmonious environment, where associates and clients are not numbers, sources of revenue, or disposable assets but valuable members of a team. Ascxnd is not only committed to building inspiring, punctual, and budget conscious projects, but is also committed to building mutual respect. Respect between our team, partners and clients, and also respect for the environment and the inhabitants in the environment. These qualities remain at the core of Ascxnd along with an everlasting commitment to  design, solve, and build.

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